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Upcoming Events:

Field Day - June 16: please sign up to volunteer!

No School - Juneteenth - June 19

Last Day of School (early release) - June 20

See details for all upcoming events here.

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An Important Safety Message from our Principal, Mr. Dionne:

Pick-up and Drop-off Rules 

1. Under no circumstances are you allowed to park in the drop-off driveway in the morning.  This is for drop-off only.  If you are going to park, please park on Furnace Brook Parkway.

2. Please do not pass on the left in the drop-off driveway. This is extremely dangerous. In fact, we have placed two traffic signs blocking the way so that this does not happen.

3. Please do not park on the opposite side of Furnace Brook Parkway. No parking signs are clearly posted, and we want to ensure all students are safe. Parking here and then crossing Furnace Brook Parkway is strictly prohibited. 

4. Finally, please do not park to the school's right in the teacher parking lot. There are traffic signs posted that state this.

For the safety of our children, I must insist you follow the rules of drop-off and pick-up.  

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