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About our School

     Built in 1955 on a portion of MDC property that was once both farmland and the site of the Stony Brae Golf Course, the Furnace Brook School (named after the old Blast Furnace in West Quincy) was renamed the Charles A. Bernazzani School in 1989 after the untimely death of its popular principal.

     As an elementary school, our major task at the Charles A. Bernazzani School is to ensure that students learn basic skills in an environment conducive to excellence in education. The school strives to achieve the goals of the Quincy Public Schools in its quest to educate students to become self-fulfilling individuals, good citizens and competent workers.

     In addition, we support the mission statement developed by the Massachusetts Board of Education as part of the Education Reform Act: to provide each child with the values, knowledge and skills needed to achieve full potential in his or her personal and work life and to contribute actively to the civic and economic life of our diverse and changing democratic society.


     The Mission Statement developed by the Bernazzani School Council. with the input from staff and parents, asks us to promote, on the part of students, a joy in and desire for learning. It encourages parents and teachers to work together to maximize the education of the child, and administrators to maintain a school climate in which staff, students and parents are involved in the learning process.

Message from the Principal

Welcome to the Bernazzani School!

     Our learning community enjoys a proud history of learning through the arts and setting high academic excellence standards. We invite you to share in that commitment to excellence and to join us in instilling in your children both a desire for and joy in learning. Working together, we will ensure continuing achievement in your children¹s early education and prepare them to meet the demands of the new academic standards and the exciting challenges that face them in the new millennium.

Teachers & Staff

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