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Statement of Purpose
  1. To provide a forum where educational issues of concern to the Charles A. Bernazzani School can be openly discussed and information about curriculum, educational programs, and school goals can be shared.

  2. To provide a structure in which a partnership relationship between parents and teachers can function to support education at the Charles A. Bernazzani School and to provide enrichment in education for its students.  

  3. To afford a representative assembly for the expression of the concerns of the Charles A. Bernazzani parents and teachers.  This, it will do through the presentation of programs, proposals, and recommendation as well as through mediation.  It will make these proposals and recommendations through its Executive Board; if necessary, to the Quincy School Department; and if necessary, to the Quincy School Committee.

  4. To sponsor, support and assist in projects that enrich or contribute to the education, health and general welfare of the Charles A. Bernazzani students.

PTO By-Laws

Charles A. Bernazzani School PTO By-Laws

Robert's Rules of Order

As stated in the PTO By-Laws, PTO meetings are conducted using Robert's Rules of Order as a guide.  These are a set of rules for conduct at meetings, which allows everyone to be heard and make decisions without confusion.  See Robert's Rules of Order for a complete explanation of these rules.


The Bernazzani PTO Executive Board meets monthly (prior to the general PTO meeting) to discuss and plan school events, coordinate fundraising, set and oversee the budget, and discuss school-wide issues. The PTO Executive Board does not take on these efforts alone though; we are very much supported by all of the Bernazzani parents and caregivers. Below is a list of positions and bios of those  serving on the Board for the 2020-2021 Academic Year.



Seeing to the orderly conduct of all business of the PTO. Setting the agenda of the PTO meetings. Chairing the Executive Board and running the general PTO meetings.

Role held by: Chrisine Toland

About Christine: This is my fourth year on the PTO, and first year a the Chairperson. I previously served as the PTO Treasurer. I have 4 boys,  three are alumni of Bernazzani and one is entering fourth grade this fall. I work as a burn/trauma/surgical nurse in Boston. My husband is born and raised in Quincy, and I have lived here for 15 years.



Seeing to the orderly conduct of all business of the PTO. Setting the agenda of the PTO meetings. Chairing the Executive Board and running the general PTO meetings.

Role held by: Molly Lavey

About Molly: I have three children two are happy Bernazzani students, a second grader and first grader. My husband and I have lived in Quincy for 9 years and I have been on PTO for two years. It’s been a great way to be involved in the school and a to meet more wonderful Bernazzani families! 


Secretary – Recording


Keeps the minutes of each regular or emergency meeting of the PTO and writes up a summary. The minutes are submitted to the principal and chairperson for approval. Assist with PTO correspondence, as needed.

Role held by: Carly Bridden

About Carly: This is my third year in the PTO, having previously served as a Co-Chairperson. I have a daughter entering third grade in September, and a son at Central Middle School. They are active in local youth sports. My husband and I have lived in Quincy since 2005 and love raising our kids here. I work in clinical research at Boston Medical Center.

Communications Secretary - Internal Correspondence


Compose, update, or distribute communications through the PTO Facebook page, email, and school flyers. Work in collaboration with the Secretary for Technology to ensure website content is up to date.

Role held by: Shannon Davis

About Shannon

Communications Secretary - Technology


Develop and maintain the PTO website, ensure content on the website is up-to date. Work in collaboration with the Secretary for Internal Correspondence to distribute information to the school community.

Role held by: Amy Sorensen-Alawad

About Amy: This is my first year with an official role on the PTO, but I have previously enjoyed volunteering to support the school community, including running the annual Talent Show. I have a son entering third grade this fall, and another son who will be in seventh grade at South West Middle School. I work at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health overseeing federal grants, and have lived in Quincy with my family since 2006. My sons are active in youth sports, and we enjoy hiking in the Blue Hills and going to the beach.


Treasurer – PTO Accounts


In charge of any monies collected and spent by the PTO, except field trips and 5th grade fundraising.  Has check writing authority, countersigned by Chairperson. Provides an updated budget and accounting at each regular meeting of the PTO.

Role held by: Jen Lebo

About Jen: This is my fourth year serving on the PTO, having served as Chairperson in the past. I have a son entering fifth grade and a daughter entering third. I've lived in Quincy for 11 years with my husband who was born and raised here. I enjoy cooking, dance, reading, travel and especially spending time with family and friends.  

Treasurer – Fieldtrip Accounts


Maintains grade specific accounts (for use in their graduating year), makes deposits and disburses funds as necessary for field trips and 5th grade spending. Has check writing authority, countersigning along with the principal for the specific accounts.  Annually, an accounting is performed with the treasurer to close and balance the accounts.


Role held by: Amy Clifford

About Amy: I have a son entering third grade, and daughter entering sixth grade at Central Middle School. This is my fourth year on the PTO Board. I enjoy volunteering at the school for the past 6 years and look forward to many more.

Citywide Representatives


Citywide Representatives alternate attending the monthly Citywide PTO meetings in order to stay informed of the initiatives and concerns of the Citywide PTO and also to represent and report on the activities and concerns of the Bernazzani school community/PTO. At the subsequent Bernazzani PTO general meetings, the citywide representatives are asked to relay the latest news from Citywide.

Role held byEmily Daggett and Daniela Ignagni-O´Brien

About Emily: This is my first year on the PTO.  My daughter is entering first grade, and I have a 3 year old son and a 1 year old daughter.  My husband and I have lived in Quincy for 7 years.  I've taught kindergarten in another district for the last 10 years, but am taking time off to stay home with the kids.  Our family loves the beach, music, dancing, and sports.  I really look forward to supporting the Bernazzani community!

About Daniela: This is my second year on the PTO serving as the Citywide Rep. I have 3 children at Bernazzani, a son entering first grade, a son entering second grade, and a daughter entering third grade.  My children are active in town sports and recreation.  We love being part of the Bernazzani Community and being involved in the PTO has introduced us to many families. I am a second grade teacher in Milton.  I look forward to supporting the Bernazzani community and encouraging family engagement.

Community Engagement Co-Officers


Tasked with reaching out to the parents/caregivers of the Bernazzani students and to local community and business peoples. This community engagement will involve suggesting events and opportunities to strengthen the outreach of the PTO Board for the benefit of the Bernazzani community.

Role held by: Brenda Lane and Julie Tobin

About Brenda: I have lived in Quincy 14 years with my husband Dan. Our oldest daughter is entering third grade, another daughter entering first grade, and twin preschoolers. I am a registered nurse and work at Blue Cross Blue Shield as a Case Manager. Our family enjoys skiing/snowboarding in the winter and getting to the beach during the summer. I'm looking forward to supporting the Bernazzani community this school year.

About Julie: This is my second year on the CAB PTO. I have a daughter entering third grade and a son entering first grade. My husband and I were both born and raised in Quincy, and we enjoy raising our family here. I enjoy baking, cooking, and spending time with my family.

School Principal

Peter Dionne


All parents who in the given year have at least one child enrolled in the Charles A. Bernazzani School and all staff of the Charles A. Bernazzani School are automatically members of the PTO. 


Flyers and emails will go home announcing when the PTO Meetings are happening.  They generally occur once a month at 6:30 p.m. in the Bernazzani School Media Center.  These meetings are open to any parent or teacher with a child attending the Charles A. Bernazzani School. There is no meeting in the month of December.  If school is cancelled on the day that the PTO meeting is scheduled, the meeting is also cancelled. 

 Support the School Community and Get Involved!

Our PTO consists of an active group of parents and staff who meet regularly to discuss school concerns, share information, and plan special activities. All meetings are open to Bernazzani parents, guardians and teachers. Join us to learn about and get involved in current and future school happenings!


There are a number of ways, big and small, for you to participate and support our students. Be on the look out for opportunities to sign up to volunteer at our many events throughout the year. 

Keep up with the latest events and activities happening at our school with the click of a button. 

Questions? Contact us at

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