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Room 3       Ms. Martin

Room 4       Sarah Harrington

Room 5       Colleen Meskell


Grade 1:

Room 1       Laurie Carnes

Room 2       Liz Good

Room 14     Mary Ross                   

Grade 2:

Room 11     Michelle Perfetuo

Room 10     Christine Norton

Room 12     Jennifer O'Connor


Grade 3:

Room 6       Dwyer

Room 13     Lauren Laub

Room 18     Michelle Andrews


Grade 4:

Room 7       Katie Celiberti

Room 8       Casey Deaguero

Room 9       David Lindsay


Grade 5:

Room 15     Patrice Healy

Room 16     Jennifer Currie

Room 17     Ms. Healy


Principal                                        Peter Dionne

Assistant Principal                          Phil Diana

Secretary                                      Susan Clarke-Lynn

Nurse                                           Emily O’Connell, R.N.

Para-professional, Rm 4                 Deborah Conley

Para-professional, Rm 3                 Sue Petitti

Para-professional, Rm 5                 Janet Shields

Para-professional, Rm 9                 Allison Griffith

Para-professional, Rm 10               Jane Chapman

Para-professional, Rm 18               Katie Clergy

Literacy Specialist                          Eileen Maver

Media                                           Catherine Connolly

Guidance Counselor                      Phil Diana

Psychologist                                 Grace Morrell

Special Needs Teacher                  Nancy Casinelli

Occupational Terapist                    Lynne Chin

Speech and Language Pathologist   Kerry O’Brien

SP Assistant                                  Nancy McLaughlin

ELL                                              Evangeline Wong

Art                                               Rita Connolly

Physical Education                         Keven Barrett

                                                   Scott King

Vocal Music                                  Guno Thompson

Cafeteria Manager                        Mary McCann

Senior Custodian                           David Kiley

Junior Custodian                           James Montague

Instrumental                                Joe Salvucci

 Support the School Community and Get Involved!

Our PTO consists of an active group of parents and staff who meet regularly to discuss school concerns, share information, and plan special activities. All meetings are open to Bernazzani parents, guardians and teachers. Join us to learn about and get involved in current and future school happenings!


There are a number of ways, big and small, for you to participate and support our students. Be on the look out for opportunities to sign up to volunteer at our many events throughout the year. 

Keep up with the latest events and activities happening at our school with the click of a button. 

Questions? Contact us at

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