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 PTO Meeting Minutes

2017-2018 School Year

August 1, 2017

(Executive Board only)

Executive Board In Attendance: T. Wood (Treasurer-PTO Accounts), J. Lebo (Co-Chair), K. Darcy (Co-Chair), C. Toland (Co-Secretary), K. Ploetz (Co-Secretary), M. Lee (Community Engagement Officer), A. Clifford (Treasurer-Fieldtrip Accounts; voted in at meeting), and L. Lanergan (former PTO Chair 2016-17)




  1. Calendar of fall and spring events (fundraising and non-fundraising) for 2017-18 School Year: including Kindergarten Welcome Meetup, Teacher Welcome Baskets, Open House, Parent Night, Fall Direct Donation request letters, Yankee Candle catalog fundraiser, School Picture Day (fall and spring), Harvest Hop, Scholastic Book Fair, Santa’s Workshop, Talent Show, Uno’s Pizza Doughraiser, Square One Art, Teacher Appreciation Day, and Spring Fair. Contact person and action items for most events also discussed.

  2. Passive and active fundraising activities for 2017-18 school year briefly discussed.

  3. Plan for general public PTO meetings, including possible schedule and topics.

  4. Need for more volunteer recruitment for PTO events, particularly among Kindergarten and first grade parents and families.

  5. Initial discussion about possibly monitoring/inventory of PTO-purchased technology for teachers and classrooms.

  6. Open PTO board position for 2017-18 school year remains for Treasurer-Fieldtrip Accounts. Amy Clifford (in attendance) volunteered to take on that role.

BOARD VOTE: Motion to nominate Amy Clifford for Treasurer-Fieldtrip Accounts. Voted YES (unanimous).


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