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There are many ways parents can get involved in their child's school and classroom. These are just some of the ways parents help us out every day.


Active fundraisers are the most common way to get friends, family and the community involved in supporting your school. They require a little bit of effort from you with a whole lot of benefit to the children!


Help us raise money without even trying!


Passive fundraising is a great way for you to support our school just by doing the things you do everyday.


 Support the School Community and Get Involved!

Our PTO consists of an active group of parents and staff who meet regularly to discuss school concerns, share information, and plan special activities. All meetings are open to Bernazzani parents, guardians and teachers. Join us to learn about and get involved in current and future school happenings!


There are a number of ways, big and small, for you to participate and support our students. Be on the look out for opportunities to sign up to volunteer at our many events throughout the year. 

Keep up with the latest events and activities happening at our school with the click of a button. 

Questions? Contact us at

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